Types of Cosmetic Surgery

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Many people today are interested in cosmetic surgery procedures that will change appearance of the body, but they don’t know what kinds there are. Here is a list with information on each one.

Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery which helps with droopy eyelids. It helps make the eyes look younger and makes it easier to see for some people. It doesn’t get rid of circles under the eyes or wrinkles. Those are additional.

Facial Scar Revision is for any face disfigurement from scars due to injuries that are reddened, puffed out or unattractive and can be eliminated almost completely with this surgery. Some of it is done by moving skin around and possibly moving the scar to make it less visible.

Facelift Marin County – Forehead Lifts include both the forehead and eyebrows. They help to reduce wrinkles that occur from getting older, and the skin becoming softer and slowly sagging on the face because the elasticity begins to fade.

Hair Replacement is for people who have hair loss issues. Scalp from the back of the head with hair follicles is moved where ever bald spots occur. Scarring is minimum and if any occur, they are hidden by hair.

Laser Surgery is done with a one hot light, that is focused and used to treat medically induced conditions like birthmarks or skin lesions. They are also used to help prepare the skin for the hair transplant surgeries.

Mentoplasty is on the chin because chin size makes a big difference to peoples profiles and feelings towards ones face. There can be chin transplants, or chin reductions. They can also be done to help fix chins disfigurements due to accidents, making them look normal again as seen on this site.

Otoplasty is on the ears and used mainly for protruding or elephant ears. When ears are not folded back naturally, people can get made of or feel uncomfortable. This surgery folds the ear, which means they add a fold of skin behind the ear, pulling the ear towards the skull, giving the head a more rounded look.

Rhinoplasty is surgery on the nose. Our nose never stops growing, and if it is oddly shaped, or larger than wanted, this surgery can reduce the size, change shape, and add size or bridges, helping to make the face more symmetrical.

Rhytidectomy helps to remove the overall signs of wrinkles, jowls, creases and folds on the face in a face lift.

Skin resurfacing is done with the laser and helps to remove layers of skin and then encouraging the collagen to reproduce causing more elasticity to come back and improves wrinkles.

Facelift San Francisco Wrinkle treatments can be done with Botox type procedures or some of the above listed surgeries like the Phytidectomy. They help to reduce wrinkles, boosting collagen to help your skin look better.

Facial reconstruction is used mainly for augmentations to the face due to cancer or accidents. Some things it is used for are cleft lip repairs, cleft palates, whole face transplants, facial paralysis, trauma, microtia and hides scars.

There are more surgeries coming out all the time, but these are the most common cosmetic surgeries done today.  Contact Dr. Miguel A. Delgado, Jr. for more information.

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